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"Gregory's style captures the infinite depth of the moment, stretches it out past the point of no return from life's linear rodeo, twists it around quantum characters, and almost makes the meaning of existence pop out of the canvas, 

not in shading or hue, but in the way a really ripe fruit bursts with flavor. And it's pretty to look at too."

-C. Burnside

Thanks Chris!

"I believe Greg has SOUL VISION. At first glance one might think, "creatures" from the sea or outer space. Look again and you connect to spirit. I made an investment in art today, it's by Gregree the painter of souls. Check out the website."

-Ellen Sunni Levine

Thanks Ellen!



Gregory studied art at FIT & SUNY Purchase in New York & Keene State in New Hampshire.

In 1996, Gregory was one of ten FIT students selected to show in a group exhibit at OSilas Gallery in Yonkers, NY.

Gregory has had 66 illustrations published in Surrender To The Flow Magazine and has illustrated the children's book TMWSIY (Based on the music of Phish, all proceeds donated to The Waterwheel Foundation).  (scans of published works and book located on Gregory’s website)

He is also a musician and composer under the name DJ McGuire 

with three instrumental albums on iTunes & Spotify:


-The Gremlin Prince 

-Honeycomb Headdress

"I believe all art comes from the same place and we are all just the different filters that it comes into this world through.

When I look at another artist's work,

I connect to the kindred muse that has been interwoven through all art since the beginning of time because we are all one".

-Gregory Fitzgerald Brenner



-OSilas Gallery

 (group exhibit)

-Sugarloaf Artisan Village

 (solo exhibit)

-Grahamsville Little Worlds Fair


-Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery

 (group exhibit)

-The Museum at FIT

 (group exhibit)

-Richard and Dolly Maass Gallery

 (group exhibit)

-The Empire State Studio

 (group exhibit)

-BJ Spoke Gallery 

(Harvest of Artists group exhibit)

-NYA gallery I NewYorkART.com

(Conceptual Group Show) 

-M1-5 Gallery 

(Conception Group Show)

 -NYA gallery I NewYorkART.com

(Solo Show)



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